Houseplants that bloom during the cooler months

While many people are under the impression that plants only bloom during the warmer weather, this is not true for all flowering plants. There are a number of plants that prefer to save their energy during the hot months so that they can show off some of the most spectacular blooms in the cooler months.

Jasmine polyanthum is a popular plant in many homes. Its buds start out pink but, once they open, they reveal gorgeous white flowers. This plant is a climber and you can train it as you wish. They tend to grow incredibly quickly which is why they require regular trimming. This plant does not flower in winter but it will bloom beautifully as soon as spring arrives.

Stephanotis is another climbing plant and the flowers are more waxy in appearance. This plant does not like abrupt temperature changes and prefers a more moderate environment. In the winter, you will need to make sure that you don’t let the room get too cold.

African Violets are also very well-known for their hardiness and the fact that they bloom even during the coldest of months. Their flowers and leaves have an almost velvet feel to them and their flowers are usually pink, white, or purple. The leaves are dark in colour and, even when this plant is not in bloom, it will still look great!

Azaleas often prefer cooler spots like an enclosed porch or conservatory. When this flowering plant is in bloom, it’s important to provide it with ample nutrients. You can ease off on the fertilizer once the season has come to an end. These plants enjoy shade but they are not immune to the effects of frost so take care during such conditions.

Finally, the Cyclamen is also great for cooler temperatures. They prefer the cooler conditions to the heat of summer and, for this reason, they tend to bloom during cool to cold conditions. Remember not to over-water this plant or it will rot and whither.