Tips for celebrating spring

Spring is one of the happiest times of the year. Everything is coming back to life, the air has a sweeter smell, and the winter freeze is over. Which is all the more reason to celebrate! If you want to make the most of these mild months, here are some tips for celebrating spring.

Floral décor

Flowers are excellent for giving a room that specific theme or look. They add colour and they certainly help boost your mood. During the winter months, it’s easy for the chill and rather dull days to get the better of anyone. Which is exactly why you need to spruce things up with some fresh spring flowers. If you are not sure what to choose, simply ask your florist about their seasonal flowers. By choosing seasonal flower arrangements, you can be sure that they will be suitable for that spring theme and they are often the most affordable too. When flowers are not in season, they are either cultivated in special greenhouses or imported. Either way, this does affect the price. Remember, pastel shades are usually the most popular during these months so make sure that your florist knows that you want something that truly embraces the spring theme.

Potted plants

Spring is not only a great time to decorate your home with flowers, but you can also welcome new plants into your home and patio. Some plants can even be added to your garden if the weather conditions prove suitable. When shopping for potted plants, make sure that you read about their needs in terms of sun or shade, the amount of water they prefer, and the best type of soil. Some plants might do well outside during warm and mild months but they may need to be moved indoors during the winter so keep this in mind.

Spring clean

Things can get rather stuffy over the winter. Not to mention the fact that we generally feel significantly more tired during these months. This is due to the colder weather as well as the fact that our days are shorter and nights are longer. So, when things warm up and the days become longer, it’s natural to start feeling more energetic. Now is the ideal time for some spring cleaning! Take the time to go through each room from top to bottom. Throw away or donate items that you no longer use and pack away anything that you will not use in the summer but will need again in the winter. Once your home is clean, uncluttered, and organised, you will feel better about spending time at home as well as entertaining.

Garden care

Your garden is often neglected during the winter. The colder weather, snow, and ice make it unpleasant if not impossible to tend to your garden. Besides, most of your plants are dormant during these months anyway. When the ground becomes warmer, you can do some cleaning up, work the soil, and begin planting. Take note of any broken fencing, benches that may need some tidying up, and anything else that could use a bit of TLC to get your garden in top shape. When your garden looks good, you will be even more inclined to enjoy time outdoors and even entertain your guests outside!

Celebrating spring is all about enjoying the beauty of nature. So, make the most of these few months by brightening up your home and garden with fresh flowers, plants, and some much-needed cleaning up.