How to Make homemade Scented Candles from Fresh Flowerw

At the moment homemade scented candles are very popular. They are great for adding the extra bit of fragrance and relaxing tones to any situation. A fragrance can bring back many memories such as the first day of spring from when you were a child and all the flowers were in bloom. If you want to prepare you own homemade scented candles with fresh flowers then read on.

The main way to make scented candles is to use fresh home grown cut flowers. One thing you need to know is that any additive you’re going to use needs to be oil based. You shouldn’t use perfume or aftershave. Perfume are alcohol based and won’t mix well with the wax. I am now going to take you through the instructions you need to create your own scented candle.

  • To try this method the furthest you need to travel is to your garden.

  • Then all you need to do is pick out some of your favourite fragrant flowers. You can use fresh flowers or dried flowers whichever you prefer.

  • Now melt your wax as you normally would do then once your wax is gold and molten add half a cup of flowers for every pound of wax.

  • Then let the wax and flowers simmer for 30 minutes. This will then let the wax become infused with the flower fragrance.

  • Never leave the molten wax unattended.

  • Now strain your wax through a bit of gauze.

  • You can now place your naturally scented wax into moulds of any shape you like.

  • The technique may take a bit of time to get right but when its right you have the satisfaction of knowing you have made home made candles with your home grown scented flowers.