Five different things to do with flowers

Summer is still going strong and some of summer’s most colourful flowers are in full bloom. Why don’t you order some flowers to give to a loved one or maybe follow one of these five different ideas to give a bouquet of flowers a unique style?

  • Edible Flowers: It may surprise some people but most flowers are edible and they make a perfect ingredient to a meal. For example if you are making cupcakes why not use flowers to decorate the icing. Chamomile flowers are great for decorating the icing. Make sure the flowers you use are edible and that they have not been sprayed with pesticides. Other flowers which are a great delicacy include violets, nasturtiums and scented geraniums.


  • Ribbon Bouquet: Treat your loved one to a fragrant nosegay. Tie a beautiful ribbon around long stemmed flowers such as chocolate-scented cosmos. The first thing you must do is strip the flowers of their leaves. Then from the top, wrap the ribbon around the stems for about five inches. Then you must leave the remaining stems bare.


  • Pressed Blooms: Flowers when cut will begin to die, this is inevitable. When the flowers start to die the colour will begin to fade. In this case you can press the flowers in old books to preserve them to use in future projects. Since flowers can stain the page, avoid using a valuable book.


  • Creative Wrapping: To make flowers look more original to add some style there is a little trick you can use. You can wrap a piece of wet cotton wool around the stem of a clematis and then cover with a floral tape. You need to then tie it with raffia. The blossom will then stay fresh for a few hours.


  • Candles: Flowers scented candles are a big money maker on the market. However you can make your own flower candles at home and it will look better because it will have that handmade, homely touch. Fill an old garden pot with wet floral form and then add a candle. Stick eucalyptus berries and viburnum in the foam around the edge of the pot. Do not use dry flowers as these are a big fire hazard.