Cut flowers prefer cooler temperatures

You may have noticed that plants and flowers tend to wilt if they are exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Some flowers seem to enjoy some degree of sunlight while others need shade all day long. No matter the type of flowers you choose to cut and display in your home, it’s important to understand how the surrounding temperatures can affect them and their lifespan.

When you take a trip to your local florist, you will notice that they have a few beautiful bouquets and perhaps vases with a few stems of popular flowers. The bulk of their flowers and foliage, however, is usually stored in a cooler room or walk-in refrigerator. While the cut flowers and greenery are refrigerated, it’s important to note that the temperature is moderate and it’s not set too cold.The reason for this is to ensure that the flowers are happy and to reduce any possible shock that could occur if the temperature differences are particularly significant. The last thing anyone wants is for a bouquet to leave a cold fridge only to wilt in when it encounters the hot air outside.

Flower arrangements that are delivered by your florist are stored in the right conditions and transported appropriately in order to ensure freshness. Florists don’t simply deliver one bouquet at a time. They load their vehicles with several deliveries and plan their delivery route accordingly. This means that the bouquets need to be secured in the vehicle and they need to be protected from any kind of extreme conditions – including hot air.

As for flowers for events like weddings, extra special care is taken by florists to ensure fresh perfection. These flowers are delivered at the set location and at the specified time. They are delivered in advance to allow organisers time to set everything up. However, they are delivered as close to the time of the event as possible to prevent wilting. Some of the flowers – like buttonholes, corsages, and the bride’s bouquet might be stored in a cool spot or even in the fridge until everyone is ready. Misting the flowers can also help keep them fresh and crisp but you want to be careful not to mist them and then expose the bouquet to direct sunlight. The droplets on the flowers will magnify the sunlight and the flowers can burn.

Remember to check the temperature of your fridge before storing your flowers. In some cases, large events with on site refrigerators may allow you to store the table arrangements in their fridge overnight or until the catering staff are ready to set up. The fridge should not be too cold or your bouquets will freeze. This will result in defrosting, wilting flowers on your guests’ tables. Large refrigerators also usually have big fans. Make sure that your flowers are not placed anywhere in the fridge where this air directly blows. You should also keep flowers as far from food as possible. If there is food nearby, it should be properly covered.

Finally, don’t forget that seasonal blooms are usually your best bet. If your flowers usually bloom in the cooler months, they might not hold up quite as well when it’s particularly hot outside. Some flowers naturally last longer than others and these are also best for events that take place over several hours. If you are unsure, ask your florist for professional advice.