Hawaiian blooms for your luau

When you want to host a Hawaiian-themed party, you need the right food, music, and d├ęcor. Choosing the right flowers is an essential part of decorating your luau. Fortunately, you have plenty of amazing blooms from which to choose. Remember, you will need to add some colour to your tables as well as your cocktails and you should also present each guest with a traditional Hawaiian lei.

In Hawaii, the official flower is the Pua Aloalo. It’s also known as the yellow hibiscus. The flower looks like a trumpet and it is also large in size. Prior to 1988, any colour hibiscus was accepted as the state flower. However, this changed and, today, only the yellow variety is acceptable. That said, if you would like to include various colours in your Hawaiian-themed bouquets, you most certainly can do this.

As briefly mentioned above, a popular Hawaiian tradition is the lei made from llima flowers. These blooms are smaller varieties of the popular hibiscus and they are also used for their medicinal benefits. This flower is specifically dedicated to the island of Oahu and your guests will love their leis!

One of the more unusual flowers is the red ohia. It resembles a sea anemone and it is available in various colours. It’s a popular choice for making leis. If you would like to wear a bloom behind your ear, you can’t go wrong with the kuikui blossom. Clusters of these flowers grow on a single stem and they always make an amazing statement. Thin strands are taken from the kaunaoa flower to make leis. This flower is also the designated bloom for the island o Lanai.

Don’t forget to include plenty of greenery too. When you visit any island, you will notice that there are plenty of colourful blooms but there’s also a lot of greenery. Palm leaves and similar foliage will be just what you need to impress your guests with your tropical setting. The greenery is great for adding colour without breaking the bank.