The Hidden Meanings of Flowers

In Victorian England flowers were used to send messages and were used as symbols. In the 21st century however the sentiment of giving the gift is what gives the gift its meaning. Today hundreds of flowers exist with meanings that symbolise them.

Popular history suggests the Carnations first appeared during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. As the story goes the Virgin Mary wept seeing her son carry the cross up the hill and Carnations bloomed where her tears fell. The Carnation flowers of any colour generally send out a message of love, interest, affection and health. Yellow carnations have the meaning of rejection or disdain and are given to people to show disappointment or in some cases dejection.

There are many varieties and colours of roses. Each colour symbolises a different message. Red roses symbolise passion, love and romance. Yellow roses symbolise friendship and loyalty. The white rose however symbolise purity and innocence and are a popular choice among brides for wedding days. They also convey the message of sympathy and that is why white roses are popular for funeral flower arrangements.

The lily has many meanings among different cultures. In Greek mythology Heracles originated from his father Zeus having an affair with a mortal woman. When Heracles was born Zeus bewitched his wife Hera into a deep sleep so that Heracles could use Hera’s milk to give him immense powers and immortal life. Hera woke up as Heracles was suckling and pushed him away from her and her milk sprayed all over the globe creating the white lily. The Chinese believe the white lily is the symbol of summer and abundance and many believe it has the meaning of “forever in love”. Others believe the flower is a lucky charm and pregnant women wear the white lily expressing their wish that they want a boy.

The daffodil is a flower that we all know and love. The word daffodil first came into being in 1590 to describe an early blooming spring flower of solid yellow or yellow and white. The earliest myth of a daffodil comes from ancient Greece. A man called Narcissus was a handsome man and he fell in love with his own reflection and disappeared. The story goes is that a flower bloomed in the place where he disappeared. The name daffodil can be used to name girls who are born in early spring. This means that daffodil can be given the meaning of new beginnings or new life.