Halloween tablescape design ideas

If you are planning on hosting a Halloween party, there are several aspects that you want to get just right. Two of the most important elements of a successful event include choosing the perfect menu as well as the ideal d├ęcor. Apart from decorating your entrance hall and setting up various spooky elements, you should also make sure that you decorate your dinner table appropriately. A Halloween tablescape is an excellent way of creating the right atmosphere. Depending on your personal preferences and guest list, you can decide whether you want something formal or a little more playful.

Flower choices

When planning your Halloween tablescape, the first thing you need to do is choose your flowers. There are a number of autumn blooms from which you can choose and your florist should also have some imported blooms as well if you choose. Some of the most popular choices include chrysanthemums and anything that resembles a daisy. Sunflowers, for instance, are especially loved. The key is to stick to autumn colours. Orange and black or yellow and black are combinations that have proven popular for many years. While you will most likely not find black flowers, you can always add accents such as feathers, black painted sticks and other similar items to create the perfect spooky contrast.

Autumn accessories

Your Halloween tablescape is not just about the main bouquet itself. You want to add some accessories along either side of the focal point in order to create a trailing effect. You can do so by adding mini bouquets in smaller vases, if you like. You can also add various autumn accessories like mini pumpkins. Another great idea is to consider something spooky like a skull-shaped candle holder or even some mini bat or ghost designs that can be inserted here and there on floral picks if you like.

Decorate each place setting

The next step that you need to take is to make sure that you add a little something to each place setting. If you are intending on setting aside a seat for each guest, you can get really creative with your place cards. Depending on your preferences, you can make fun and spooky name cards or they could be more on the elegant side with little more than a fine spider web or pumpkin design.

By addressing these three main elements of your Halloween tablescape, you can be sure that your guests will feel like they are being treated to the most amazing and memorable event! You can even add some little party favours to each place setting if you like. Perhaps a bundle of spooky sweets for each guest to take home with them.