How to make a colourful flower headband

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time to let the season’s colours inspire us!  Just as you give your home a new look with fresh flowers, so too can you compliment your outfit by opting for floral designs and accessories.  You can wear floral patterns or, if you prefer, you can make floral accessories like a headband.  Flower headbands are great for your own use and they make wonderful gifts too.  There are so many occasions throughout the year when you need to shop for flowers and gifts.   Sure, you can have your florist deliver a fresh bouquet but you can also create something special that your friend or loved one will cherish.

What you need:

– A headband

– Flowers of your choice (choose a colour scheme)

– Needle and thread

– A pair of scissors


  • You will need to choose the right headband to start with. If you are making this floral accessory for yourself, then you can use an old one that you don’t wear too often.  If you are planning on making a gift, you should buy a new one.  Green is a great colour to look for since it will resemble flower stems.
  • When your headband is ready, you need to choose your flowers. Fresh flowers are amazing but you need to understand that they will not last very long.  Especially without water!  If you want to wear your headband for a few hours, you can use fresh ones.  If you want the headband to last longer, you should use artificial flowers instead.
  • Take care when choosing your flowers and make sure that they are easy to work with. Daisy-like flowers make excellent choices whereas roses can be tricky to secure in place.  You will also need to decide how many flowers you would like to use.  There is no need to cover the entire headband.  Remember: less is more!  An excellent idea is to use one large flower and add three or five smaller flowers around it on either side.
  • Once you have selected all of your flowers, you will need to cut off the stems. Take care not to cut them too short or your flowers will fall apart.
  • Thread your needle and secure your first flower into place. Thread the needle through the headband and through the middle of the flower, then pierce the flower again and run the needle and thread back down through the headband.  Continue (much like sewing on a button) until your flower is secure.
  • Add extra flowers in the same way and don’t forget to knot the thread once you have secured each flower.

Once you are done adding all of your flowers, you can add accessories like a plastic ladybug, a little butterfly or even some green leaves.  These are all up to you of course.