Good luck flowers for the start of the new school year

With the new school year just around the corner, you might like to kick things off with something positive. Good luck flowers are perfect for helping students begin their school year on a positive note. If you are not sure what to send this autumn, here are a few ideas.

Types of flowers

Before you begin shopping for good luck flowers, you should consider what types of blooms will be best. Flowers like chrysanthemums, germinis, gerbera daisies, lilies and roses are all excellent choices. It’s also helpful to take note of any personal favourites of the recipient. If, for example, they love roses, then these flowers will be your best bet.

Choosing colours

The colours you choose will depend on the emotion you want to convey. Warm colours like yellow and orange are energizing and they help make the recipient feel more positive. Pastels and white flowers are soothing which can help calm their mind before the new school year begins. If they have a particular favourite colour, this is another great option for good luck flowers because the colour will resonate with their personality.

Potted plants

Good luck flowers are not limited to blooms alone. You could even consider sending a potted plant if you want something that will last longer than cut flowers. Not sure what type of plant to choose? Snake plants are easy to grow but they do tend to require a bit more space than certain other plants. Orchids are also lovely but they do need some degree of specific care. If the recipient will most likely have a crazy schedule, you may want to send something very low maintenance like an aloe vera plant or another succulent.

Remember, you should always ask your florist about sending a little something extra with your good luck flowers. Some of the most popular extras include chocolates, perhaps a bright balloon or even a cuddly bear. Your florist will include a card in which you can write your very own special message to wish your loved one good luck for the year ahead.