Get rid of ants in your potted plants

If you have one or more potted plants in your home, you most likely came across some ants at some point. If you want to get rid of ants, there are a few important points that you will need to keep in mind. By understanding what attracts them, you will be able to prevent or at least remove them from your home.

Detouring ants

To get rid of ants, you can use a combination of bait and insecticidal soap. You will need to lay down the bait and poison leading away from the plant. This way, the ants will be more likely to take their next meal back to the nest and this will prevent them from returning. Another option is to place your plant outside before submerging it with water. The water level should be slightly above the soil and then add some insecticidal soap to some water and allow the plant to rest in this mixture for about 20 minutes. After removing the plant from the water and soap solution, you will simply need to remove the remaining ants from the leaves and stem of the plant. You must also allow any excess water to drain away thoroughly.

Alternative detouring methods

If you want to get rid of ants without the use of chemicals, there are several options. One such option is citrus. Simply apply the rind of the plant to the top layer of the soil. You can also squeeze some citrus juice over the plant. You can also create your own soapy solution by mixing dishwashing liquid with warm water before mixing and spraying all over the plant and lightly over the soil. Some other scents that ants don’t like include cloves, peppermint, chili, cinnamon and coffee.

Remember, if you prevent these bugs from stopping by in the first place, you won’t need to worry about wondering how to get rid of ants that have made themselves at home. In addition to the tips mentioned above, it is also important to make sure that you keep an eye out for other bugs like aphids that have a way of attracting ants so if you see one, you will most likely see the other too.