Get the most out of flower delivery services

Fresh flowers are the gift of choice for many occasions throughout the year. They are heartfelt, sincere, and they need not cost you a fortune. While you save money on flowers, you can still send a gift that looks like a million bucks. When you order flowers from your local florist, you will need to decide whether you want to have the flower delivery made to you or directly to the intended recipient. Flower delivery services can be really beneficial provided you follow all the right steps.


Start by looking into the reputation of the florist you’re dealing with. Take a look through their website and, apart from the various floral products, you should check if they have any other gifts that can be sent along with the flowers. Why order flowers and a gift separately when you can place one order? A single order means that a single delivery will take place and this is much better than having to wait for multiple deliveries to arrive.


Make sure that the florist delivers to the area you need. Regardless of where the delivery will take place, you should also ensure that you have the full address on hand along with a contact number should the delivery service need to reach the recipient. Make sure that you leave clear delivery instructions when placing your order.


Check the website to make sure that they have a satisfaction policy in place. In other words, if the flowers are in any way damaged or if the order is incorrect, the website should have a policy in place that protects the customer.


Look into the option of same day delivery, next day delivery, and the possibility of free flower delivery. You might be entitled to free delivery if you spend a certain amount. On the other hand, some florists offer free delivery on all of their bouquets but you might notice that their flower prices could be significantly higher than those of a florist that charges a nominal fee for delivery. Compare the full and final cost rather than the cost of the flowers alone.


If possible, place your flower order in advance and schedule your delivery with more than enough time to spare. This way, your florist will have more than enough time to plan your delivery and you stand less chance of disappointment. There are some occasions, however, when a last minute flower order is necessary. In such cases, this guideline can be ignored.