Get out of the doghouse this Valentine’s Day

Relationships have their fair share of ups and downs. It’s not uncommon for couples to find themselves on the rocks as Valentine’s Day approaches. As much as some might hate the thought of an argument around this time of year, others see it as an opportunity to make things right. Instead of focussing on the painful details of your disagreement,

The first thing to remember is that your Valentine’s Day apology will depend on just how big you managed to mess things up. That said, a lavish gift without a sincere apology won’t mean much. So, make sure that whatever you buy, it’s sincere and meaningful. The first thing to add to your list is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Nothing says “I’m sorry” quite like a bunch of flowers. Since it is Valentine’s, you can’t go wrong with some gorgeous red roses.

If you are a bit more on the tight budget side, you might not be able to afford 100 roses but you should still be able to find a great deal at your favourite online florist. Take a moment to browse through the promotions or deals section online. You can also look through the seasonal flowers section online. Online florists often offer various sizes which means that you can order a smaller bunch I you cannot afford the larger one.

After finding the perfect bunch of fresh Valentine’s Day flowers, you will need to think about including a gift. Stuffed animals and chocolates are obvious favourites around this time of year. Of course, it’s important to think carefully before adding a gift. For example, if the argument had anything to do with the way your partner feels about their weight, chocolates might only get the argument started all over again. Instead, choose something like a nice piece of jewellery, a romantic photo of the two of you together, or something romantic and sentimental.

Once you have your gift all planned and ordered, it’s time to arrange a romantic evening. If you have a fair amount to discuss, you might want to enjoy a private dinner at home. Dinner is usually best and you can help keep the mood relaxed by using soft lighting and music. Order or make your partner’s favourite meal to show how much you care.

Now all you need to do is send the romantic invitation to your Valentine and do absolutely everything you can to show them just how sorry you are. With flowers, a gift, and some romantic alone time, you’re sure to get out of the doghouse without a hitch!