Gender neutral baby shower décor tips

When hosting a baby shower, it’s quite common to consider choosing between pink and blue. However, if you don’t know whether the mum-to-be is expecting a boy or girl, then you will probably need to rule out those two popular options. The same can be said if mum is expecting a pigeon pair of twins. The good news is that there are plenty of ways of decorating without focusing too much on gender.

One creative way of decorating is by making floral rattles. Simply use a firms stick and place one foam ball on either end. Add small flowers to each of these foam balls and tie a ribbon around the stick. Now you have a cute floral rattle! Make sure that you make one for each of your guests and be sure to use artificial flowers because they will last so much longer than fresh flowers in this kind of arrangement.

Flowers can also be used to decorate your cake or cupcakes and your tables too. You can use suspended flower arrangements or use wreaths to decorate the walls if you don’t have too much space. When choosing your flower arrangements, make sure that you think beyond flowers. You can also add ribbons, feathers, colourful sticks, wire, beads, and so much more!

Colour is extremely important when you are trying to achieve a neutral theme. Yellow is a colour that symbolises happiness and joy. This is exactly the atmosphere you should aim for when decorating for a baby shower! Yellow goes very well with purple and dark blue. However, adding this colour to your bouquets can create some confusion and guests might start to think that mum is carrying a boy or girl (depending on the secondary colour that you choose). So, instead of using this popular combination, add white flowers instead! Think of yellow roses and white daisies or yellow lilies and white roses. There are so many different flowers available in yellow and white that you’ll have more than enough options to consider.

You can also use mixed colour bouquets if you don’t want to choose a specific colour for the theme. Mixed bouquets include several colours including red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. They are bright and create a joyful atmosphere without hinting towards a boy or girl.

For those who are expecting a pigeon pair of twins, you can decorate with pink and blue! You can use mixed pink and blue bouquets or you can decorate with a few pink bouquets and a few blue bouquets. Just make sure that you use pastel colours and that there is a perfect balance between the two colours. Add some white flowers to the arrangements as well so that they don’t appear too overwhelming.