Flower presentation and design tips

Arranging fresh blooms is not just about the stems you choose but the flower presentation too. If the bouquet is not properly presented, it will not have as much of a impact on the recipient as it should. Here are some important tips to remember no matter how you wish to present your floral gift.

Choose a vase

If you would like to send flowers in a vase, you need to consider all of your options. Floral presentation in vases have come a long way. You can choose a classic clear glass vase if you are looking for something timeless. Alternatively, you can opt for a colourful gift bag or even a decorative hat box.

Aqua pack your bouquet

If you need to transport your floral gift over a longer distance, you may want to keep the blooms hydrated. Aqua packing is an excellent flower presentation technique to learn. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Secure all of the stems together using string.

  • Cut two squares of cellophane and place them on top of one another so that you create a hexagon.

  • Position your stems in the centre of the cellophane and fold it all around by lifting each of the corners.

  • Secure the plastic with string.

  • Fluff out the cellophane around the top to make it look its best.

  • Cover the string with a decorative bow.

  • Add a small amount of water to the cellophane so that your blooms are happy until they can be placed in a vase with fresh water.

Create a professional-looking bow

The right bow can turn an ordinary flower presentation into something spectacular. It is much like wrapping a gift – you want your blooms to look their best. Here’s how you can make the perfect bow:

  • Start by selecting the type of material you want to use. Examples include organza, satin, paper and raffia.

  • Cut your ribbon to the appropriate length.

  • Fold the one end of the ribbon to make a loop. Hold it between your fingers and do this four times. You want four loops when you are done.

  • Use binding wire to secure the midpoint of the bow.

  • Attach your bow to the bouquet.

Now you know how to package your bouquet for the perfect flower presentation! No matter the size of your bouquet or the types of blooms you choose, you can be certain that these tips will make them look even better!