Hybrids – flowers that offer the best of both worlds

Thanks to the developments of modern science, we have been able to create some of the most amazing plant and flower combinations. By isolating the best features of more than one plant, it’s possible to create a hybrid that possesses these positive properties without the weaknesses. In other words, hybrids are known for having some of the most delightful scents and they are known for being quite hardy. By harnessing the strengths of various plants and flowers, experts are able to develop and cultivate new combinations that are increasingly pleasing to the public.

Floral hybrids have been developed to make them more resistant to various weather conditions and longer lasting as cut flowers. Hybridization is also done in order to achieve a desired colour. For example, if a certain flower is not available naturally in a particular colour, it is combined with another flower of this colour in order to develop the desired result. Due to the effort, time, and expense involved in creating each hybrid, it’s easy to understand why these flowers have a higher price tag.

Today, hybrids are available in various forms. Not only are they available as cut flowers, but you can also buy potted plants and garden plants as well as hybrid seeds. Even the seeds are known to be more expensive than non-hybrid seeds because of the work and research involved. For example, in order to harvest sufficient seeds, a number of plants need to be cultivated and the seeds need to be harvested. The seeds then need to be packaged and distributed. Each step involves some kind of expense and this contributes to the end price of the package of seeds.

It’s interesting to note that hybrid tea roses were first developed during the 1800s. These flowers were made by combining hardy perpetual roses and tea roses. Original tea roses are not all that resistant which is why they needed to be combined with a tougher plant to maintain the beauty while making it hardier and more resistant to various conditions.

The carnation and Sweet William plants were combined some time between the late 1600s and early 1700s to create the perfect shade of pink. This technique sparked great interest and farmers started using such methods to cultivate more resistant crops.

During the 1950s, various lilies were also combined to create a number of hybrids. These new varieties were created for aesthetic reasons as well as growth reliability. Many of these hybrids have become so popular that, today, there is as high a demand for these blooms as there are for the original varieties. The Roselily is one of the more recent additions to the list of hybrids and they have a powerful scent, bright colour, and the best part of all is that they do not have any pollen! These flowers are beautiful and perfect for anyone with allergies.