Fun for Kids-Rainbow Flowers! Learn about Osmosis the cool way!

Fun for Kids-Rainbow Flowers!

Here is some great fun that can be had with your children, both entertaining and educational too! Here is how to make Rainbow flowers!

  1. You need a couple of flowers, any ones will do as long as they are a light colour. You may find that carnations are great to use.
  2. Get a glass of clear water and put a couple of drops of food colouring into the water. It does not matter which colour you use, pick your favourite colour.
  3. Carefully cut the stem of the flower at a 45 degree angle (this helps the flower absorb more water) and place the flower in to the glass.
  4. Leave it for a while, and then you will see the tips pf the petals change to the colour of the coloured water!
You can try with different colours and different coloured plants; you will be surprised at the results! This is a great educational activity too as the children will see how the flower absorbs water to stay alive! This is osmosis!