How to avoid getting ripped off by a florist

Fresh flowers are fairly easy to find these days with so many florists offering flower delivery around the world. The industry has become incredibly competitive which has led to two main results. On the plus side, the consumer can enjoy some great fresh flower deals. Unfortunately, some florists try to outdo the competition and, in doing so, they sacrifice such things as quality and customer service. So, when shopping for flowers, here are some tips to make sure that you’re not getting ripped off:


  • Read the terms and conditions on the florist’s website and, save a copy of the page too for future reference.
  • Confirm the guarantees offered by the florist by chatting to one of their representatives. If possible, it’s always good to get confirmation of this guarantee in writing. Make use of email or live online help if you want all the guarantee details in writing. The florist you use should offer compensation in the event that the delivery is late, does not arrive, or arrives in poor condition.
  • Make sure that there are no hidden fees. The prices on the florist’s website should include tax and, if not, it should specify that tax has not been included. Any additional costs (like flower delivery fees) should be detailed in the final invoice amount before you process your payment.
  • Shop for your flowers in advance. By shopping at the last minute, you are far more likely to make a hasty choice. When you hurry the decision-making process, you can miss certain terms, conditions, and other important information.
  • Read the full description of the products and make sure exactly what it is that you are paying for.
  • Your florist will often offer various size options and, in many cases, choosing a larger bouquet can offer more value for money.
  • Check the delivery options. You might get a better deal on flower delivery if you schedule the delivery in advance rather than a same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery.
  • Always research your florist before placing an order. Read online reviews and find out what kind of reputation they have. The experiences of past customers will generally give you and idea of their integrity and the quality of their products.
  • Make sure that they offer a safe and secure payment method and hang on to all payment and order confirmation documentation.

Remember that it never hurts to have a backup plan, just in case. If your florist does let you down, Plan B will come in extremely handy.