Decorating cakes with flowers

There’s no doubt that flowers are a popular theme for many happy occasions, including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. No matter where in the world you may be, flowers will always play an important role with regards to decorations and as meaningful gifts.


Another popular way of pampering somebody is with some homemade goodies. Arts, crafts, and tasty treats are all on the cards for special occasions! Baked goods are usually the most popular option so cakes and cupcakes are probably your best bet since they will keep for a few days and the recipient won’t feel forced to eat it all at once. When baking a cake, you need to consider the recipe as well as the décor. Presentation is everything and you want mum to know that this cake was made just for him or her! If you have ordered flowers and you want to emphasize the floral theme, then there are a number of ways in which you can do this.


Cakes can be decorated with a wide variety of flowers. While some people love working with fresh flowers, others prefer artificial or gumpaste flowers. If you aren’t all that handy when it comes to making your own marzipan or gumpaste flowers, you could ask your baker or visit your local supermarket and see what they have in stock. Flowers are popular cake decorations so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a few options.


If you want to make cookies or cupcakes, then you could use icing to create little flowers. A piping bag with the right tip makes this job easier than ever and you can choose just about any colour your heart desires! When you’re done, you can add sprinkles too if you like. Cookies might be easier to decorate using some glitter paste. They are often available in tubes with fine tips so you can draw your design straight onto the cookie.


Fresh flowers will give your cake a truly classy look. That said, it’s important to make sure that the flowers you use are not toxic. This means that the flower petals, pollen, stems, leaves, and any other part you use should be safe for consumption. Even if you’re not planning on eating the flowers, they will come in direct contact with your cake and you wouldn’t want any health incidents. If you’re not sure, ask your baker and/or florist to make recommendations. Alternatively, play it safe with roses! Remember, you should only add the fresh floral décor just before you plan on presenting the cake. You should not leave them overnight or they might wilt without water.