Fresh flowers to reflect your personality

We all have a list of things we love in this world. We each have our own favourite foods, colours, beverages and even flowers. Wheat many people don’t realise, is that sometimes we don’t choose the things we love, but rather, they choose us. Like fresh flowers, for example. Here are some examples of how different blooms reflect different personalities.


If your top choice of all fresh flowers is the rose, you are in for a treat because each colour has a very special meaning. Red roses are a symbol of passion and love while pink roses represent joy and white ones symbolise purity and innocence. Those who love roses generally have a timeless, classic and effortless style with a touch of boldness.


Tulips are associated with true love and fame. Red tulips are considered to be the perfect gift for declaring your love while purple ones symbolise royalty and white tulips represent worthiness. If tulips are your favourite fresh flowers, this reflects that you are thoughtful, confident and your style is ever changing.


Simple in their beauty, daisies are a popular cut flower and garden flower. These blooms are associated with purity and innocence as well as hope. There are several types of daisies available in various sizes and colours. If your favourite flower is the daisy, this reflects your optimism and your ability to see the good side of everything.


These fresh flowers are symbols of youthful innocence and joy. Purple lilacs represent first love while white ones represent humility and innocence. If these are your favourite blooms, you have a vintage style with a touch of nostalgia.


When we see daffodils, we often think of springtime. These blooms make the perfect gift for a friend. Those who love daffodils are often people pleasers and enjoy playing host for any and all events.


The symbol of adoration and love, these blooms have a wonderful way of brightening up any room. If you love sunflowers, you most likely enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and you enjoy being the centre of attention.

As you can see, different fresh flowers have different meanings and these meanings can reflect the personality of those who love them. The next time you ask somebody to tell you which flower is their favourite, you might like to compare their personality with the attributes of their bloom of choice.