Fresh flowers that need minimal water

When you think of a bouquet of fresh flowers, you most likely imagine blooms like roses, carnations, tulips and so on. However, there are some other, possibly more unusual plants, that enjoy far less water than our most popular blooms.

Reduced water

It is important to remember that the following fresh flowers not only survive on very little water, but they also do very well in areas with high temperatures in the day and very low temperatures at night. They have adapted beautifully to withstand these harsh conditions.

Three heart plant

If you are looking for a small plant for your home, you can’t go wrong with this one! Their pretty fresh flowers are available in white or off-white and they often have hints of purple too. They are native to the Mojave Desert where they bloom from April to May each year. The flowers are shaped like bells and the plant prefers loamy or sandy soil.


Also known as “The Queen of the Night”, this plant boasts its beautiful fresh flowers at night! They are 3 inches in diameter and the blooms are white in colour. They are native to New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. They are also loved for their amazing perfume.

Wolfberry Shrub

The Wolfberry Shrub produces tiny fresh flowers that later turn to red berries. Birds love this delicious snack so you will certainly find them in the area when this plants blooms turn to seed!

Orocopia Sage

Native to the Mojave Desert as well as the Sonara Desert, it is also called lavender sage because of the way the flowers look. They are purple and the plant enjoys a higher altitude. They bloom in March and April.

There are several amazing fresh flowers, as you can see, that have managed to adapt to their harsher surroundings. Cacti and succulents are particularly well-known for their great adaptation skills since they store water in their lush leaves and stems so they do not dehydrate during long periods without rain. If you want a plant for you home that will not require too much care, consider cacti or succulents and you can’t go wrong!