Fresh flowers that don’t affect your allergies

While we all love the look and smell of fresh flowers, their pollen can really ruin the experience for those who suffer from allergies. Of course, if you are determined to send or order a bouquet of beautiful blooms, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Types of pollen

The first thing to note is that not all fresh flowers have the same type of pollen. Light pollen will float through the air and this is how some flowering plants reproduce. However, other blooms produce heavy pollen that needs to be dispersed with the help of insects. This pollen will not cause any allergy issues but it can result in a bit of a mess on the table below.

Amounts of pollen

Not only do fresh flowers differ in terms of their type of pollen but also the amount that they produce. Some flowers naturally produce less pollen than others which will automatically make them a better choice for anyone with allergies.

Potted plants

If you are considering potted plants, you need to find out if they produce flowers and, if they do, what kind of pollen do these flowers have. By understanding what you can expect in terms of pollen, it will help you select all the right plants for your home and for any friend or loved one who also suffers from allergies.

Flowers to avoid

Some of the worst fresh flowers for allergy sufferers include sunflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums, goldenrod and chamomile. Trees can also produce high levels of pollen and grass is known for releasing plenty of spores too.

Suitable alternatives

Some of the best alternatives include roses, tulips, zinnias, pansies, geraniums and daffodils. You can also opt for certain types of lilies. All you need to do is have the stamen removed from each flower so that it does not cause any issues. If you are still very concerned, remember, you can always take a look at silk flowers. There are a number of artificial blooms that look just like fresh flowers even upon close inspection.

So, just because you or your loved one is allergic to pollen, this does not mean that you can never enjoy flowers! Floral essences are also excellent for those who would like to fill the air in their home with some flower scents without buying blooms that would normally irritate their allergies.