16th wedding anniversary arrangements

Every year of marriage is an occasion worth celebrating. If you fail to remember these important milestones, it won’t take long before the romance fades too. It’s easy to feel a bit lost when it comes to choosing 16th wedding anniversary arrangements and gifts. Which is why you will find all the best ideas right here!

Wedding anniversary arrangements

The perfect anniversary bouquet for this year is one that includes Statice flowers. These flowers are usually added as mass or filler flowers but, if you like, you could always ask your florist to create a bouquet that consists only of these blooms. Alternatively, you can find a beautiful bouquet that at least includes them. It’s also good to remember that these flowers are associated with success which is certainly a suitable theme for such an anniversary!

Traditional and modern gifts

This year, the traditional and modern gifts are one and the same – silverware! Quality silverware is not like your average cutlery set. This is the time to shop around for the most beautiful and high-quality set you can find. While you’re at it, make sure that you invest in a large enough set that your spouse can use when guests come over for dinner. It will give them the chance to boast about the wonderful gift and they will undoubtedly also mention the gorgeous anniversary arrangements and gifts you showered them with over the years too!


When choosing wedding anniversary arrangements and gifts, colour is another factor to consider. This is great just in case you are not able to find the traditional flower or a suitable traditional gift. It’s also excellent for combining with the gift ideas mentioned above. The colours for this year of marriage include silver, emerald green and red. So, you could add silver accents to your bouquet or you could choose red flowers like roses to pair with the Statice flowers. Ask your florist for the best way of incorporating these colours if you are unsure.

Remember, the most important thing to include with wedding anniversary arrangements is a memorable message! So, take the time to turn your feelings into words and write a message your spouse will cherish for years to come!