Fresh flowers for the elderly

When you are young, your parents take care of your every need. As you get older, you learn to fend for yourself and you may very well have a family of your own in good time. When you get older, however, you may need special care which is why so many elderly men and women end up in care facilities. It’s not necessarily all doom and gloom but these places are a far cry from the homes they once enjoyed. Which is why depression is so common among the elderly. The good news is that you can do something about it by choosing fresh flowers for the elderly. If your mother, father or one of your grandparents is in such a facility, you can brighten their day by sending a beautiful bouquet.

Types of flowers for the elderly

The best flowers for the elderly are those with little to no pollen or at least those with heavy pollen. The last thing you want is to upset any allergies and you may not be aware of everyone’s allergies in the retirement home. Roses are a good choice and lilies if you ask the florist to remove the pollen before they are delivered. Carnations can also prove suitable and remember that foliage also has a beautiful role to play.

The best colours

In terms of colour choices, this will depend on the recipient. If you know that your mother or grandmother enjoys pinks and purples, then this is the perfect colour scheme for your flower bouquet. Other colour options when it comes to flowers for the elderly include yellow and orange. Add some dark purple or blue accents and you will create a stunning colour contrast! When shopping around for the perfect bouquet, take a look at the flowers and their colours. Consider how these colours make you feel. Do they fill you with joy and hope? If so, then they are perfect!

Something extra

When shopping for fresh flowers for the elderly, remember that you don’t have to stick to flowers alone. Your flower delivery will include a message card so you can include a personal message. If they do not have any dietary issues, you could even include a box of luxury chocolates. A colourful balloon is another great idea for sprucing up the bouquet and making it even more impressive.

When the bouquet is delivered, you can be sure that it will be received with a great smile. The flower delivery will brighten their day, lift their spirits and let them know that you are thinking of them. Your love and affection is the greatest gift you can give. If you have the time, you can deliver the flowers in person. If you live far away or if you are not able to deliver the bouquet yourself, you can always have the florist deliver on your behalf.