Fresh flower designs for your dining room table

Spending time with your loved ones as you enjoy a delicious meal together can be even more enjoyable with the right décor. Fresh flower arrangements on your table can set the mood and theme of the room. Here are some excellent design ideas for your table based on occasions and seasons.


This occasion is usually associated with all things spooky. However, you can make your fresh flower centrepiece fun or elegant depending on the design you choose. For instance, if you keep the design fairly simple with orange blooms and a few white flowers in between, it will represent pumpkins and spooks. Add a black accessory here and there for an elegant Halloween touch. Alternatively, you can use a funny carved pumpkin as your vase and add spooky decorations on flower picks to the bouquet.

Pastel décor

If you want something on the more understated side of the scale during the cooler months, you should consider pastel colours. Not only does this apply to the flowers and foliage that you choose, but also the vase in which you display your arrangement.

Festive flowers

Turn your bouquet into a fresh flower arrangement for the holidays by simply adding a few essential elements. Consider using flowers like lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations and roses for these displays. If you already have a white bouquet, all you need to do is add some red and green accents to give it that festive charm.

Fresh Flower Tablescapes

Remember, you don’t need to settle for a single fresh flower bouquet in the middle of your table. You can opt for a tablescape instead. All you need to do is include several smaller flower arrangements as well as other accessories and seasonal decorations along the centre of your table. For instance, in the winter, you can create a cluster of three or five small arrangements. They should vary in height with the tallest one in the middle. Add some pine cones and festive foliage along with red berries here and there along the table for a naturally festive result.

Fresh flower designs are far more flexible than many people realise. There is so much you can do with just a few stems and accessories. The key is to be as creative as possible and use nature as your guide when decorating your home.