The most fragrant flowers

When you send flowers to somebody, not only do you want them to look good but you want them to smell good too.  You want their perfume to fill that lucky recipient’s home and make them think of you every time they smell them.  Some of the best smelling flowers aren’t restricted to dispersing their perfume in a single room alone.  If you place them in a certain room, you can often smell them quite a distance away and this is just the effect you want to achieve!


Lavender is a well-known fragrance and you will often find its scent used in detergents and household sprays.  What better way to freshen up your home than with some real lavender?  If you like the smell of lavender but you don’t particularly like the way it looks, how about some hyacinth?  They are available in blue, white or even pink and they smell very similar to lavender too.


Roses are yet another popular fragrant choice.  When shopping for roses, you should always shop with both your eyes and your nose.  We are all familiar with what roses should smell like and there is nothing more disappointing than sticking your nose into a lush bouquet only to be met with a slight smell of what somewhat resembles that of a rose.  You want to put a smile on the recipient’s face rather than a look of disappointment.


If you are more inclined towards a citrus smell, then peonies are for you.  They are so round and fluffy that the mere sight of them is hard to resist.  To top it all, they have a fresh scent second to none!


Another wonderfully fragrant flower is the daffodil and you won’t be sorry choosing such a flower with such a bright and cheerful appearance.  Sadly, these flowers don’t last as long as roses.  If you treat them right, you can hang on to them for about five days at the most.


Many varieties of fragrant flowers do just as well in your garden.  Just because they are outside does not meant that they can’t fill the air with their perfume.  If the wind blows just right, your home will be filled with their sweet scents!  Take jasmine for example, these area always planted outside and allowed to trail along homes.  Although outside, their close proximity to the home allows their perfume to enter into the home.  The same can be said for lilacs.


You can even grow your own flowers in your garden and, as they bloom, cut your own blooms for bouquets to be displayed in your home.  Gardenias are great for this but do take care as they are extremely delicate.  When picking gardenias, you should avoid touching the petals.  The oil on your skin will turn the petals brown.  As an added precaution, you should wet your hands slightly so that the flowers aren’t damaged if you do accidentally touch them.