Corporate gifts for your customers

It’s that time of year again and the holiday season is right around the corner. Early holiday shopping has its advantages for individual gifts. When it comes to corporate gifts, purchasing early is key! Even more so if you plan to close your shop during the holidays. If you’re looking for the perfect way to thank your loyal customers, take a moment to browse through several gift baskets.


Wine hampers

Wine gift baskets come in various sizes, making it easy to purchase based on your budget. Choose from a single premium bottle, a delightful pair or even a box of wine. The option you choose will depend on how much you can spend and how many corporate gifts you plan to send to your customers. If you want, you can also send a wine and cheese basket for something fancier. Champagne and sparkling wine hampers are also great if you really want to celebrate the end of another great year.


Sweet hampers

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic hamper that will wow your customers, then chocolate hampers and candy hampers might be just what you need. These baskets are more than just a gift bag. They are beautifully presented and contain nothing less than high quality delicacies. The contents of these baskets are sure to impress any customer and are perfect for those who want to share with their family.


Food hampers

For something a little more elaborate and impressive, a food hamper is the way to go. These kinds of corporate gifts can contain any number of sweet and savoury treats. Some baskets include items such as ham and smoked salmon. Various sauces, toppings, crackers and other treats are included to enhance each recipient’s dining experience. Some hampers will contain a bottle or two of wine, while others are specifically non-alcoholic and contain an alternative beverage.


Coffee and tea

Tea and coffee baskets are another great non-alcoholic option. They include at least one type of tea or coffee along with various treats to enjoy with your cup of tea. Some of these corporate gifts also include accessories such as teacups and teapots.


Special diets

If you’re concerned about dietary needs or personal preferences, there are some great alternatives to the corporate gifts mentioned above. Fruit baskets are perfect for sending something colourful and nutritious in a season when we all tend to overindulge in the sweets department. If any of your customers are known to have a gluten intolerance or are diabetic, there are also diabetic baskets and gluten-free baskets. Pamper baskets are also great if you want to avoid shipping food altogether.


Once you’ve determined your budget, number of customers, and noted your personal preferences as best you can, shopping for baskets is fast, fun, and easy! Buying baskets online makes the gift-hunting process easier than ever, and you can compare dozens of corporate gifts before making your choice.