Desk plants for your office

The desk in your office has its practical purpose but this does not mean that you can’t add some personality. By creating the right environment at work, you will be more positive and more productive too. Plants offer a number of benefits. Not only psychologically, but physical benefits too. By cleaning the air that you breathe, you can use them to help keep brain fog away and create a calmer environment. If you are not sure about the best desk plants for your office, here are some ideas.


Bamboo is easy to care for and it will not take up too much space. It’s lush, green and associated with good fortune. Which is something we can all use at work! This plant is also very efficient when it comes to purifying the air of several contaminants which is yet another reason to choose these desk plants.

Succulents and Cacti

Some of the desk plants are those that require very little care and attention. If you are extremely busy at work and you want a plant that will not need too much TLC, succulents and cacti are for you. Another great benefit of these plants is the fact that they don’t grow too quickly so you can buy a very small one and enjoy it for years. Some succulents have beneficial properties and can be used for medicinal purposes. Aloe Vera is the perfect example of such a succulent.

Snake Plants

These make excellent desk plants that can eventually be placed on a separate table or even on the floor once they grow big enough. Snake plants require minimal maintenance and they will spruce up your office space with their glossy and speckled leaves. The only thing you do need to take care of is to avoid direct sunlight. Other than this, the plant will normally thrive without much fuss.


While some might say that orchids are difficult to grow, others know that this is not always the case. These plants love filtered light which makes them ideal as desk plants. Especially in office spaces where you do not have much direct sunlight coming through your window. They do need a bit more care than some other plants but, in general, they are very easy to care for.

These are just a few of the best desk plants to brighten up your office, improve your mood during working hours and even make your workplace more friendly for customers. Seeing your plant thriving on your desk is also really encouraging and, remember, even certain types of cacti produce flowers so you can also enjoy some amazing bursts of colour too!