Foliage add style and green appeal

When adding foliage to a flower arrangement, it’s not just about including some green. Sure, the green colour does help your flowers stand out but leaves can also be used to help give your arrangement style and shape.

Flax is a thin, whispy kind of foliage that can be used in various ways. One way is to take a small bunch and allow it to bend over the arrangement from one side to the other. You can even thin the bunch out a little and lay them in various directions. Just make sure that you secure them on either end so that they stay in place and don’t end up sticking up.

Bear grass and lily grass are thicker and not as flexible but they can be used in a similar way if you like. The edges might not be as round but you can create some interesting geometric shapes with these leaves.

Another great way of adding greenery without even adding leaves to the vase is by using broad leaves to wrap your vase! You will need enough leaves to cover the vase or even just a single vase around the rim of the vase if you prefer. You can glue or pin them in place, depending on your personal preferences.

Remember, when adding foliage to any arrangement, it’s always good to include more than one type of greenery. This is not only for the purpose of creating a variety of colours and textures, but also to really fill up all those gaps and giving your bouquet that perfect final touch. If you are ever unsure about the best type of foliage to add to your bouquet, it is helpful to look at the leaves on your flower stems. This will help you choose the right colour. Once you know the shades you’re looking for, you need to consider the size in relation with the flower and arrangement size.