Poinsettia plants and how to display them in your home

When you think of Christmas plants and flowers, poinsettias will usually come to mind almost immediately. If you have never bought a poinsettia and you’re not sure where you should display one in your home, here are some wonderful ideas.

Mantle piece

One of the most popular places to decorate over the holidays is the mantle piece. Depending on the size of your poinsettia, you can either place one small pot on the mantle piece itself. Alternatively, you can place one on either side of your fireplace. The only thing you need to remember is to move your plant if you plan on lighting a fire. The heat from the fire will cause your plant to wilt.

Around your Christmas tree

Another great spot for one or more poinsettia plants is around the base of your Christmas tree. An uneven number of plants is ideal, just like the number of focal flowers in a bouquet. These beautiful plants will help conceal the pot or base of your tree.

Entrance hall

You can spruce up your entrance hall with a poinsettia plant too. They can be set on the floor if they are large enough or on a small table along with a bowl of holiday candies or a candle. LED candles are best since they will not pose a fire risk.

Small spaces

If you have any other small spaces in your home, you can also use a small plant to add colour. It will also help you spread the Christmas spirit throughout your home, no matter how limited your space is.

Not only will your poinsettia be a great addition to your own home, but it will also be a wonderful gift for any recipient. You can send this plant along with some luxury chocolates just ahead of Christmas to let your friends and loved ones know that you care.