Flowers for your spring wreath

Spring is always welcomed with open arms after a cold winter that felt like it lasted an eternity. Everything is coming back to life and we seem to have a bit more energy than before. With so many flowers now in bloom, it’s the perfect opportunity to let the colours of nature decorate your home and even your office too while you’re at it. If you are planning on creating a spring wreath to set on a table or hang on a wall, here are some flowers you should consider including.


These abundant-looking blooms are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. They can take centrestage as the focal flowers of an arrangement or they can be used as mass flowers to give a bouquet some extra body. Green mums can even be used instead of foliage.


Available in several colours, this is a traditional Easter flower which makes it perfect for this time of year. Whether you fancy the blue, purple, or pink petals, you can be certain that this flower will give your wreath a stunning full appearance.


There is no mistaking the bright yellow petals of this spring flower. Its gorgeous shape and joyful colour is enough to brighten any room. If you are making a wreath for somebody else or in honour of somebody special, you might like to know that this flower adds just the right amount of love to your floral display.


Often thought of as fairly delicate blooms, tulips work incredibly well in wreath designs since the stem will be cut short and this will prevent it from buckling under the weight of the flower. Also available in various colours, tulips are bright, bold, and superbly elegant.


Daisies and flowers that are part of the daisy family are the very picture of spring. They are available in various colours but you can never go wrong with white. Even if you choose those of the smaller variety, a few bunches here and there will transform your wreath into a lovely spring meadow!

These are just a few of the best options for your spring wreath. Your florist will be able to make more suggestions depending on flower availability. You can also ask for their professional opinion should you have any specific colour requests. Some flowers, even if they aren’t in season, might work even better.