Why are flowers so popular for Mother’s Day?

There aren’t many, if any, countries where Mother’s Day is not celebrated in this modern age.  Some countries celebrate Mother’s Day on a different date and every culture has its own set of traditions.  While the dates might not always coincide all over the world, flowers are always a popular choice and florists are swamped with orders.  Since flowers are such popular gifts for Mother’s Day no matter where you are in the world, you can’t help but wonder what makes them so perfect for this occasion.

There are several reasons for this and it simply boils down to personal perspective.  One reason is that of tradition.  Mother’s Day dates back pretty far and, in many cultures, fresh flowers were the gift of choice back then.  In the United States, the tradition of wearing a carnation on Mother’s Day was started by Anna Jarvis.  A pink carnation was worn in honour of your mother and, if your mother had passed away, you wore a white carnation instead.  Carnations are extremely popular for Mother’s Day in many countries but some cultures have their own personal favourites.

Flowers are also such fantastic Mother’s Day gifts because they are perfect for any woman.  Regardless of her style or personality, there’s no way any woman can resist a fresh bouquet!  Flowers can be given to the working mum, stay at home mum and to mothers of any age.

Flowers are not necessarily needed but this is exactly why they are perfect gifts!  They are all about pleasing the recipient.  When you send any other gift, you might have to think whether mum already has something like it.  Flowers, on the other hand, can be sent by everyone and will always be appreciated.

Money often steers us in some sort of direction when we are trying to find a gift for mum.  Luckily, florists understand financial restrictions and they can help you find a beautiful arrangement at the right price.  You can even have your florist make a bouquet just for you based on your budget!  Alternatively, you can save money by purchasing several loose stems and arranging them yourself in a vase or floral foam.

Flowers have a wonderful effect on the recipient and tests have shown that they provide an instant sense of joy.  Whenever anyone receives a flower delivery, we are immediately overcome with happiness and this is the best gift anyone can give.