Flowers to perfect your proposal

The goal of any wedding proposal is to get your partner to say yes. The key is to choose just the right moment and the best way of popping the question. You want your partner to be surprised and for them to enjoy every minute of it.


So, once you have chosen the day and the location for your romantic proposal, it’s time to plan the finer details. You should have your ring ready and speak to your florist about the perfect flowers. The flowers you choose should convey a message of deep and passionate love. Red roses are known for sending this exact message which is why a large bunch of these flowers will clearly indicate your attentions.


12 red roses will help you declare your love whereas 24 will prove even more impressive. If you want to go all out, you could even opt for 50 or 100 roses. If you want to do something different, you could think back to the day you met and count the number of months you have been together. Once you know how many months you have been together, you can order this same number of roses from your florist have them include a note that reads “A Rose for Every Month of Love”.


Present this bouquet as soon as you see your partner that evening (or afternoon – whatever you prefer). Give them a chance to place the bouquet in some water if it’s not already in a gorgeous vase. Then, step out to wherever you’ve planned your proposal. If you are planning on proposing at your favourite restaurant, then you could have the staff arrange a special table and place a beautiful romantic bouquet in the middle.


If you plan on visiting your favourite outdoor spot, you can pack a picnic basket and take just one perfect flower stem for your partner to enjoy while you’re out. If you are planning on visiting a particularly formal restaurant or attending a formal event, you can present your partner with wearable flowers like a corsage.


For those planning on proposing at home, you can go all out and decorate just about every room with fresh flowers. Use candles as your form of lighting, perhaps a rose petal carpet, some bubbly, and enhance the experience with scented oils or scented candles.