Flowers for the minimalist

While a large, impressive bouquet is a gorgeous addition to any room in your home, sometimes a more minimalist approach is best. Not only are these types of arrangements more affordable, but they also don’t need as much space which means that they won’t overcrowd your tables or worktops.

Bud arrangements are the perfect example of a minimalist arrangement. All you need is a single flower with or without a few stems of filler flowers carefully displayed in a slender vase. This vase can then be placed on your kitchen worktop, a coffee table, or even in your bathroom. Remember to display bud arrangements in smaller spaces. They will look out of place on a large table. Unless, you use several bud arrangements to line the centre of the table.

Small potted plants like succulents and cacti are also excellent for the minmalist approach. Even an orchid can look great because it does not tak up too much space. Succelents, cacti, and orchids grow at a relatively slow rate which means that they won’t outgrow their pot or location anytime soon. Remember, cacti are not only made up of spikes. There are a number of varieties that produce some of the most impressive flowers.

If you are not one for plant or flower care or if you tend to spend a fair amount of time away from home and you’re worried about your plants dying while you’re away, you should shop for silk flowers. Online florists usually stock quite an impressive range of silk flowers from small potted hydrangeas to more elaborate displays. Choose the one that will suit your minimalist style and enjoy it for years without any daily care! Do take care not to leave silk flowers in the sun or they will fade. You will need to dust them from time to time but there are many ways of doing so without too much effort or harsh chemicals.