Flowers and flowering plants in January and February

During the cold months of winter, our outdoor surroundings tend to become rather dull as trees remain without their leaves and the ground is noticeably colourless. When everything is decked with fresh, white snow, it can be pleasant. However, as the snow melts and loses its pure white appeal, we tend to prefer spending more time indoors where our environment is clearly more attractive.


If you are looking for flowers during the months of January and February, you need not despair. There are plenty of beautiful blooms that are sure to brighten up any part of your home, patio, or even your garden. When planning and planting your garden, it’s a good idea to plant flowers that bloom at different times of the year. This will ensure that your garden will always look gorgeous and you will be able to pick them to display in your home whenever you choose.


Pansies are wonderfully hardy blooms that enjoy sunny to partially sunny areas in the winter months. The soil needs to be well drained in order to keep these annuals happy. They can endure some really harsh weather.


Winter jasmine is another hardy beauty. They usually appear during the month of February when temperatures are often at their coldest. It is a creeping vine that can be used to decorate an archway or even as a ground covering.


Winter honeysuckle offers a lovely sweet smell. It’s a pleasant reminder that spring is just weeks away and they are often planted below windows and other open areas so that the delicate perfume can make its way into your home. Snowdrops are available in a variety of species that bloom in January. They are appropriately named since they are white as snow.


Winterberry holly can tolerate extremely harsh conditions. It is a deciduous plant that enjoys well drained soil. Unlike the evergreen variety, the leaves of this plant fall during the autumn months to reveal a red berry fruit that remain throughout the winter months. Birds enjoy these berries when food is rather scarce during this time of year. So, not only will you enjoy added colour in you garden but you will also welcome life along with it.


The Persian Cyclamen needs little care in order to bloom in abundance. They need to be planted in a container rather than straight in the garden soil. They will be particularly happy if you place the pot on your patio.