Interesting superstitions about flowers

Like many things in life, there are a number of superstitions surrounding various types of flowers. Even if you don’t believe all or even some of these superstitions, they are still quite fascinating. In addition, understanding certain superstitions can actually help you gain a better understanding of a particular culture and avoid possibly offending somebody by sending them a bouquet that contains a certain type of flowers.

Orchids are one of the most popular and elegant flowers of today. According to some beliefs, if a woman eats the tubers of this flower, she will give birth to a baby girl. If the husband eats the tubers, his wife will have a baby boy.

Marigolds are popular for a number of reasons and often added to wedding bouquets. Apart from supposed aphrodisiac properties, marigolds are also believed to protect against witchcraft. Another interesting flower is the anemone which protects you against disease and bad luck.

Roses are popular for many occasions and, during Roman times, they were belived to protect the dead against evil. Another superstition has many people believing that if you hold one of these flowers and it loses its petals, one of your loved ones will pass away.

In som cultures, flower arrangements that contain an even number of flowers is a symbol for the dead. These flowers are placed on the grave of the person who passed away and they should never be presented as a gift. Make sure that when you order flowers, your florist includes an odd number of flowers.

Dandelions are not only a delicious treat for honey bees, but they too are associated with certain superstitions. If you pick one of these flowers (the dried variety) and blow the seeds into the air before counting how many remain, you will know how many years you will need to wait to be married.

Poppies were often planted by farmers for a number of reasons. Farmers believed that it was essential to plant these flowers if tey wanted good crops that year. They are also believed to help people forget their roubles. If you wish to present somebody with a bunch of poppies, make sure to send a bunch that consists of 13 stems. More or less poppies in the bunch is considered bad luck.

It’s considered tradition to present a friend or family member with flowers after they perform on stage. Presenting them wiith flowers before the show begins can be seen as a symbol of bad luck. On the other hand, lucky bamboo is associated with good luck and it’s a popular gift for many occasions.

Don’t forget that, apart from these superstitions, it’s also important to understand that different flowers have different meanings and some are considered luckier than others. Consult your florist if you want to make sure that you are sending the right message when you send flowers.