Flowers to decorate your Christmas tree

When you think about a traditionally decorated Christmas tree, you most likely imagine plenty of ornaments, tinsel, lights, and that angel or star on top. When you consider decorating your home with Christmas flowers, you most likely picture a festive floral centrepiece on your dinner table with bows and possibly even a candle in the middle. What many people have come to learn is that flowers can also be used to decorate your Christmas tree. Not only do they add colour, but they also give your tree a more natural and appealing appearance.

When looking for the perfect flowers for your Christmas tree, you have tow main options. You can use fresh or artificial flowers around the base of the tree or even in the tree itself. The base of your tree can often appear quite bare without all those presents. Which is all the more reason to place colourful bouquets or even potted poinsettias around this area. You will conceal the base of the tree and the tree stand while adding even more festive colour to the room. When choosing your flowers, make sure that you choose colours that will suit the tree. If you have a red and gold tree, then you should stick to red flowers with gold accents. You could, however, also opt for plain white bouquets and add a few red berries here and there. Spruce your poinsettias up by draping twinkling lights around them or add some sparkling decorations. Remember, your vase should not be too tall because it will cause the flowers to overlap the tree rather than simply decorating the space around the base. For this reason, many people opt for arrangements set in baskets and floral foam. They are closer to the groun and will successfully fill this gap.

When adding flowers to your tree, you will need to consider the existing design and colour scheme. Choose flowers based on this and don’t forget that flowers do not survive as long without water. As a result, you have a few options. You can add flowers on Christmas Eve as that final floral touch. Alternatively, you could place each flower stem in a tube with water to keep them fresher for longer. You could even use artificial or dried flowers if you prefer. Choose the option that suits your tree and your needs best. If you are considering adding artifical flowers, you can look for high-qualit mistletoe, holly, and colourful poinsettia leaves. Set them out in a diamond shape for the best effect. In other words, set one flower or flower bundle on the left of the tree, another on the right (in line with the one on the left), one in the middle on top and one directly below.

If, for whatever reason, your tree doesn’t have that lush green fullness you’d like, you can add several loose branches in between to fill up the gaps. The same can be done with flowers. Larger flowers can be great for covering up those spaces and gaps!