Flowers for your Christmas wedding

While some might think it strange, others are absolutely in love with the idea of having their wedding during the festive season or even on Christmas Day itself. Apart from planning your dress, catering, and fancy transport, you will also need to plan your décor and flowers. A Christmas wedding is great for those who are unable to book any other date or even for those who love this time of year and this particular theme. When planning your flowers, you will need to choose the right blooms and the right colours.

When choosing your flowers, you need to determine the date of the event as well as when you expect to receive the flower delivery. If you need to receive the flower delivery the day before, you might be more comfortable with silk flowers. Alternatively, ask your florist about the hardiest flowers they have in stock. Some flowers are known for lasting longer than others so make sure that you choose ones that are known for their higher level of resistance. You also need to make sure that your florist can make the delivery on the day you need and to the location you need. If they are prepared to make the delivery on Christmas or even on Christmas Eve, it would be polite to include a tip for the delivery staff.

As for the colour scheme, the most popular colours include red, white, and green for obvious reasons. You can also add silver or gold for some added sparkle. Some prefer sticking to a single colour like red with a touch of gold. Some good flowers and plants for your Christmas wedding include poinsettias, ivy, red roses, red carnations, holly, and baby’s breath. If you are on a particularly tight budget, you should ask your florist for their best seasonal flowers and cheap flowers to keep costs as low as possible.

As for artificial flowers, if you are worried about them looking too fake, you could use them to fill corners and other large spaces while placing fresh flowers on your tables. From a distance, your guests will never know the difference! This is even more so if you are enjoying an evening reception. Don’t forget about adding some sparkling lights, perhaps some other crystals and similary shiny decorations to help give your wedding flowers that extra eye-catching effect.