Flowers and aromatherapy to make the holidays even more pleasant

When you think back the the last fresh flower delivery you received, you most likely imagine the amazing beauty and fragrance. The smell of fresh flowers is highly therapeutic and these smells are not only sweet but they also have a number of health benefits. Different typs of flowers are associated with different benefits. Some are relaxing, some relieve stress, and there are also those that are invigoranting and help give your brain a boost. All of these benefits are great during the year and particularly around the holiday season. At the end of the year we tend to become increasinly busy, even more stressed, and more tired than ever. Our bodies and minds cry out for something to get us through this busy time of year and flowers can do just that!

Firstly, a fresh flower delivery is a great way of improving your surroundings. At work and at home, you can make your environment more pleasant and relieve stress by displaying flowers. Studies have shown that when somebody receives flowers, their stress levels immediately decrease, depression is relieved, and they feel happier in general. This is exactly the kind of optimistic attitude we all need right about now! So send flowers to a loved one or order fresh flowers for yourself this holiday season for a naturally positive solution.

Essential oils are extracted from various natural products including flowers. These oils are classified according to their properties and these properties determinehow they are best used. The Top Note oils are used for relief of stress, fatigue, allergies, skin problems, headaches, and even insect bites. They are known to evaporate quite quickly but this does not mean that they aren’t highly effective. Some examples of these oils include lemon ol, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil. You will notice that they have wonderfully light and refreshing scents.

The second group is known as the Middle Note oils and they include such oils as Lavneder, Yarrow, and nutmeg. They are known for their sweet and soothing appeal and they last longer than Top Note oils but they are also a bit more difficult to blend wih other ingredients. These oils are great for massage therapy and they help relax tense muscles while relieving stress. They can also be used to treat dandruff and hair loss. Lavender oil is often used as a sleep aid by addng a few drops to pillows. You may have even noticed how many baby products include lavender and this is largely due to its soothing effect.

Finally, the Base Note oils are known for their strong fragrances and, due to their potent nature, they are also the most expensive. They combine the properties of the first two groups and some popular examples include clove oil, rosewood ol, sandalwood oil, and vanilla oil. You can use them to treat high blood pressure, relieve cold and flu symptoms, reduce scars, and reduce anxiety and stress. These oils are often added to various products like soaps and lotions. Remember, due to the high concentration of these oils, it’s especially important that you use in small quantities. These oils are only suitable for external use and in many cases they should evne be diluted with other oils. For example, clove oil can be used to relieve teething in infants and tooth ache in adults. Clove oil must be diluted with regular oil or olive oil before applying to the affected area. If you apply it directly, it can actually cause severe skin irritations in and around the mouth.

Remember to always ask your doctor before using any kind of essential oil internally or externally. If you want to make the most of the soothing aromas, you can always make your own potpourri and let the scents fill your home!