Flower vase hack – how to use glasses

Fresh flowers can be displayed in a number of creative ways. You don’t need to stick to the conventional vases that we know and love. You can use this flower vase hack to create a truly unique floral display. All you need is a selection of blooms and a glass or two from you drinking glass cabinet.

Cocktail glasses

If you want a flower vase with an exotic twist, you should try using cocktail glasses. These are perfect for bud flower arrangements. You can use a martini glass, for example, to display a large bloom like a gardenia. Add some food colouring to the water in your cocktail glass to spruce the design up even more.

Margarita glasses

Margarita glasses are similar to martini glasses. They just have an extra curve. You can use one as a flower vase for textured blooms such as carnations. Use any colour or colour combination you like in these glasses. While carnations are considered fairly simple blooms, the glass itself will add a touch of elegance.


Submerged flower arrangements can be made using a tumbler instead of a flower vase. Make sure that you opt for a plain tumbler without any markings or designs. You want to be sure that your flowers will take centre stage. You can add a touch of food colouring if you like but it’s not necessary. Especially if you plan on using colourful blooms.

Add fruit

While you don’t want to place fruit near your fresh flower bouquet, there are exceptions. You can add slices of lemon or lime to the flower vase in order to give it colour and texture. Remember, you place fruit, especially bananas, near your fresh flowers, they will perish sooner than normal. This is because certain fruits emit a kind of gas that causes other fruit and fresh flowers to ripen and eventually perish.

Some lights

You can turn your flower vase into a lighting feature too. All you need to do is add some LED lights to the vase. Make sure that your lights are of the waterproof variety so that they do not break or stop working as soon as you add water to the vase.

If you have any over-sized cocktail glasses, these can also be used to create floating flower arrangements. You can add a floating candle to the middle so that it acts as a table decoration, flower vase and light feature. Your floral centrepieces should not be seen as objects with a single purpose. They can serve many purposes if you know how to create the right design.