Floral decor ideas for your kitchen

When decorating your home, fresh flowers can make all the difference. The right floral decor can transform the way any room looks and feels – including your kitchen. If you are not sure what types of blooms to choose, here are some tips to decorating your kitchen with beautiful blooms.

Bold colours

One of the most popular options for your kitchen comes in the form of bold colours. Floral decor made up of bright shades of red, yellow and orange will certainly attract attention. You can mix these three colours to create a truly dynamic display. Make sure that you add some dark green foliage to help the colours really stand out.

Monochromatic colour schemes

If you like, you can stick to a single colour but use several types of flowers. This is how you create monochromatic floral decor. The flowers will be in the same colour but they will differ slightly. Using different blooms also ensures that your bouquet has plenty of texture.

Various blooms

When choosing the different types of blooms for your bouquet, you should consider the size of the floral decor you wish to create. While we usually think of fresh flowers like roses, chrysanthemums and carnations. There are plenty of other blooms like delphiniums and bells of Ireland that can really help you give your kitchen bouquet amazing style.

One type of flower

Another option is to stick to a single type of flower in various colours. For example, you can place a few gerbera daisies in various colours in a vase. Red, orange and yellow all look lovely together and they are perfect for warming up the room.


Once you have chosen your flowers, you will need to choose your vase. When you want to create a rustic display, you can use a copper bucket or watering can as a vase. If you want something a bit more classic, choose a ceramic or clear glass vase.

Contrasting pairs

If you like, you can also pair different blooms that contrast one another. For example, you can place a particularly elegant bloom in a vase along with something a bit more ordinary. Consider pairing peonies with daisies, for example.

If you have particularly small areas or corners in your kitchen that you wish to decorate, you can use blooms with shorter stems. Place them in smaller vases or containers like mason jars and teacups. You only need a few perfect stems to create the right floral decor.