Flower tips to keep them fresh overnight

If you order fresh blooms for somebody special but you want to deliver them in person, you may want to have them delivered the night before. That way, you don’t have to wait around the following day, not knowing what time the delivery will arrive. Of course, in doing so, you will need to make sure that you store these blooms properly so that they do not start to wilt overnight. Here are some simple yet effective flower tips for you to keep in mind.

Proper hydration

The most important of all flower tips to keep in mind is that fresh blooms will not last very long without fresh water. So, as soon as the bouquet is delivered, you need to place it in clean water right away. You can snip the stems just a little at an angle to give them a fresh surface for absorption. When you present the bouquet to your friend or loved one the following day, you can mention that you already trimmed the stems so they can simply place the bouquet in a vase (if you have not done so already). Most flowers prefer room temperature water rather than very cold water. Just make sure that the water is not too warm either.

Safe spot

Unlike placing a bouquet on display right away, when you want to keep it safe overnight for delivery the next day, you should place it in a cool, not cold, place where it will not be near any sources of heat and it should also be protected from wind. So, avoid placing it in an area where a breeze could enter every time you open and shut the door.

Secure transport

Another one of the most important flower tips to keep in mind is that you need to secure the bouquet for transport. This means that you should place it in a vase or bucket with just enough water to cover the stems. Do not overfill the vase or bucket or you could end up with water in your vehicle. Place the bouquet in a box or crate with some packing materials to ensure that it does not tip over while driving. Keep your windows closed and avoid using your heater or air conditioner too much as this can prove to be quite a shock for those fresh blooms.

By keeping these essential flower tips in mind, you can be sure that your bouquet will arrive in the best possible condition. In addition, proper care also helps extend the vase life of these flowers so that the recipient will be able to enjoy them for that much longer.