Flower safety and display advice

With the cooler season upon us, it’s time to consider fire safety. Flower safety during this time of year is so important because you are that much more likely to enjoy your meals indoors with candles and you might start lighting a fire on particularly chilly evenings. The next time you order an autumn bouquet, you should keep these tips in mind.

Flowers and candles

When displaying flowers near candles, it’s important to make sure that you do not place them too close to one another. The open flame of a candle can be unpredictable and a slight breeze can result in disaster. The most important flower safety tip to remember is to keep them apart or you can place your candle in a special candle holder in order to allow the light through without any risk. Another option, if you prefer, is to use LED candles. That way, you don’t have to worry about a fire risk at all.

Avoid the fireplace

Another important flower safety tip is to make sure that you keep your fresh bouquet far from your fireplace. Even if the flames have no chance of reaching any of those precious petals, the heat will still cause your bouquet to wilt prematurely. If your flowers dry out, it will make them an even greater fire risk.

Other sources of heat

If you use electric heaters or anything with an element, it is best to keep your fresh blooms far enough away. Just like your fireplace, these sources of heat can cause the fire or, at the very least, they will cause your blooms to wilt.

With these essential flower safety tips in mind, you will not only ensure that your fresh blooms last as long as possible, but you will also keep your home and loved ones safe. It’s also a good idea to remove any wilting or drying blooms as an added precaution.