Flower pick DIY design

If you want to spruce up your flower arrangements with a beautiful accessory, you should consider creating your very own flower pick. The right pick can add the perfect accent to your bouquet and you will also find that it will help you emphasize the theme of the bouquet.

What you need

  • Thick, colourful cardboard
  • Wooden picks (like wooden skewers)
  • Liquid adhesive (like wood glue)
  • Stickers, smiley faces, and other accessories depending on the theme


  • When making your flower pick, you will need to plan the design first. You will need colourful cardboard to create the background for your design.
  • You can cut the cardboard into the desired shape depending on the occasion. For example, if you are creating a romantic bouquet, you can cut the cardboard into a heart shape.
  • Next, you can decorate your flower pick with the accessories you have selected. Again, choose colours and designs that will complement the them and colour scheme of the bouquet.
  • Once you have creating your design, you simply need to apply glue to the wooden pick and stick it to the back of your design.
  • Allow the glue to dry before adding your pick to the design.
  • If you plan on displaying the bouquet in the middle of a table, you can create two identical designs and stick the pick in between them. This way, no matter which way you look at it, the pick will be beautiful.

Remember, your flower pick will be placed in the water or potting soil (if you add to a potted plant) which means that the wood will eventually degrade. If need be, you can gently remove the pick from the cardboard and replace it with a new one if you like.