Flower messages sent with each bouquet

We all send flowers at some point. Whether it’s a birthday or Mother’s Day gift or just a sign of our love or support, it’s very important to understand the meaning behind the flowers you send. You shouldn’t just stop at a roadside florist to visit someone and choose the first bouquet at a reasonable price. Not only is it a bad idea to buy last minute, but you also need to understand the flower messages you are sending with each delivery.


It goes without saying that roses usually convey flower messages of affection and love. Of course, each colour determines its exact meaning. For example, red roses symbolize deep love and a passionate type of love. However, yellow roses symbolize friendship. It is interesting to know that the flower traditionally associated with the 15th wedding anniversary and yellow roses, in particular, are associated with the 50th wedding anniversary.


Orchids are another popular type of flower. They are one of the more expensive options, but they are definitely worth it considering they last longer than any other type of cut flower. They are associated with the power of love and the 28th wedding anniversary. They also look beautiful as potted plants, and no matter whether you choose a cut or potted orchid, you’ll never have to order a whole bunch of orchids. They look perfect as a single stem in a pot or vase.


Chrysanthemums are a relatively affordable option and come in a wide variety of colours. In general, chrysanthemums symbolize faithfulness and faithfulness. This is probably why they are associated with the thirteenth year of marriage. Remember that colour is also important in determining flower messages.


Among long-lasting cut flowers, carnations are also high on that list. They are usually sent as Mother’s Day gifts. This is because they symbolize pride. The kind of pride you would have for someone like your mother, your spouse, or your partner. Gift your new spouse a bouquet of carnations to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. However, keep in mind that the colour of the carnation will further determine the more precise flower messages sent by this bouquet.


The King Protea is known in South Africa as the symbol of the national cricket team. Perhaps he was chosen to represent the country at that level because of his connection to strength and courage. So, if you want to admire someone for the strength they have shown or if you want to send them a message of encouragement and encouragement, proteas are the perfect choice. Proteas growing wild in South Africa must overcome adverse conditions and limited rainfall to thrive. The same can be said about life and the challenges it presents us.

Flower messages, as you can see, are largely determined by the type of bloom or blooms that you select. In addition, different flower colours also have different meanings. This is why you will see red bouquets often used for romantic occasions and white flowers as a message of sympathy.