Flower facts – the Amaranthus

The Amaranthus flower can make an amazing addition to many different flower arrangements. It is also a popular plant provided you can offer it the ideal conditions. Here are some interesting flower facts to keep in mind when ordering them as cut flowers or cultivating them yourself.

Other names

Like many other plants and flowers, the Amaranthus has some other interesting names. This is one of the most fascinating of all flower facts. Some of the other names for this bloom include prince’s feather, tassel flower, pigweed and Joseph’s coat. These names are directly connected to the appearance of the bloom itself.

Best conditions

One of the most important flower facts that you should learn about any plant or bloom includes the conditions in which it will thrive. The Amaranthus enjoys at least five hours of sun each day and well-drained soil.

Impressive size

When growing these plants yourself, you will notice that they can grow anywhere from 1 to 8 feet in height and 1 to 3 feet in width. In most cases, however, the plant will usually grow to only 6 inches depending on the growing conditions. Keep these flower facts in mind if you are planning on growing Amaranthus and make sure that you take note of the variety that you choose in order to ensure that it will not outgrow its home.

Unparalleled beauty

It is also great to know that these plants don’t only look great when in bloom. Their foliage is also gorgeous and will certainly spruce up your home or garden. The colour green is also known for being extremely soothing which makes it a lovely addition if you would like to encourage calm and aid in productivity.

With these flower facts in mind, it is important to remember that there are many different types of Amaranthus. Different varieties may have different preferences in terms of care and growing conditions. If you are displaying them as cut flowers, you should ensure that they always have enough fresh water and flower food will also help extend their vase life.