Flower care for your Christmas bouquet

When you place an order for a fresh flower arrangement, you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. The holidays are no exception. In fact, during this time of year, it’s even more important to ensure that your bouquet looks its best for as long as possible. You want to ensure that it looks fresh and fabulous well into the New Year. To make sure your flowers last, it’s important to arrange for the delivery just a few days before Christmas and you should follow these flower care tips.

Step 1:

If your Christmas bouquet is delivered in a vase, you should remove them from this vase and place them in some fresh water. Wash the vase out and add some fresh water with flower food. An essential step in cut flower care is trimming the stems as soon as they arrive. Once you have trimmed the stems, you can place them in the vase once more.

Step 2:

It’s also a great idea to remove any leaves that will end up in the vase water. When plant material ends up in water, it encourages bacteria to grow which will cause your blooms to perish prematurely,

Step 3:

Now that your bouquet is ready, you will need to place your vase in the right spot. This means that you need to keep your blooms away from direct sunlight, far from sources of heat and out of any potentially windy areas. You should also avoid placing your flowers too close to a window. If their petals touch the cold window, it can cause them to perish.

Step 6:

Another important step of flower care is regular maintenance. This means that you need to check the vase water level and top up as needed. If the water is becoming cloudy, you should replace the water right away. If the stems become slimy around the bottom, you should trim them again too. Finally, if you notice any flowers start to wilt, you should remove them from the bouquet right away.

With these basic flower care tips, you can be sure that your holiday bouquet will last throughout the festive season. It’s also important to note that some flowers last longer than others. For example, carnations and orchids are two of the longest-lasting cut flowers of all. Flowers with heavier heads can wilt sooner than other blooms.