Who will love Just Because flowers

Just Because flowers are an amazing gift to show your friends, loved ones and everyone how much you care. We often send flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day and similar occasions. However, when you receive Just Because flowers, they are often so much more special because they are absolutely unexpected. Here are some people who will appreciate receiving flowers just because!

Helpful friends

We often depend on our friends for little and not-so-little things. From house sitting to taking care of our kids and even helping us move house, there are few things a good friend will not do. Your friends deserve to know that they are special and appreciated. They are more than deserving of some Just Because flowers from time to time.

Special neighbour

We might not have a close relationship with all of our neighbours but you are bound to have that one amazing neighbour who always goes the extra mile. What can you do to return this courteous behaviour? You can send Just Because flowers!

Your spouse

Your husband, wife or partner are essential in your life. Not only are they there to help with all the physical chores, responsibilities, pay the bills and so on, but they are also there for moral support. They will take care of you when you are sick and be there when you’re feeling down. Just Because flowers are also excellent for keeping the romance alive so you should certainly consider ordering fresh blooms now and then to surprise your spouse.


We depend on our co-workers like we do our best friends. In time, the people we work with soon become like our family. The more we lean on each other, the stronger the bond becomes and this is all the more reason to show some appreciation by sending Just Because flowers.

A teacher

If you have children, their teachers are usually exhausted by the end of each day. Teaching requires time, patience and energy. You can boost their mood and energy levels by showing some unexpected appreciation with Just Because flowers.

As you can see, Just Because flowers are perfect for everyone. While we may have become accustomed to receiving blooms on certain occasions, the ones we receive for no specific reason are the most memorable of all.