Flower arrangements with beautiful vines

Flower arrangements are not only made up of beautiful blooms. If you want to enhance the look of your bouquet and fill up that vase, foliage is extremely important. Of course, you can’t just add any foliage you like. One lovely type of foliage that can be used in various floral displays are vines. Here’s what you need to know about this type of greenery.

Bouquets and horizontal displays

Vines are excellent for various types of floral displays. You can use them in handheld bouquets and horizontal displays alike. In horizontal centrepieces, the vines extend out on either side of the arrangement and along the middle of the table. This makes them ideal for rectangular-shaped tables. The kind you will use at formal events like weddings.

Bridal bouquets

As for bridal bouquets, they can help give the handheld bunch of blooms some fantastic length. Remember, the style of these flower arrangements will depend on the style and shape of the dress that the bride wears. Wider wedding dresses are ideal because they won’t be overshadowed by the bouquet. A more fitting dress can disappear behind a large bouquet.

Vertical arrangements

While vines are not the first type of foliage you think of when you imagine vertical flower arrangements, they can also be used in these displays. All you need to do is add them around the base of the display and you can even drape them over the edge of the table. They are also great for concealing an otherwise unsightly container. Just wrap the vines around the vase and secure them using green floral wire.

Vine selection

When choosing vines for a particular bouquet, you will be happy to know that there are several options. Some of the most popular include Grape vines, English Ivy, Dodda, Akebia, String of Hearts and Hoya. You should ask your local florist about what they have available and let them know what types of flower arrangements you wish to create. This will allow them to help you make the best choice.

It’s also important to remember that vines are only suitable for medium-sized to large flower arrangements. Smaller bouquets will be overcrowded by the abundant leaves. You should also make sure that the colour of the vine leaves creates a contrast with the other foliage used in the bouquet.