Autumn flower ball design

Pomander balls can be made using numerous different items. Oranges decorated with whole cloves are a popular and traditional approach but, when it comes to flowers, there’s even more fun! Autumn flower balls can be any size you want. You can use fresh flowers, dried flowers or artificial flowers according to your needs and preferences. Dried flowers look great if you’re creating an autumn theme. Whether you use fresh or silk flowers, choosing the right colours for this seasonal theme is important.

You need:

  • A selection of blooms (choose flat flowers for better coverage)

  • A round ball of floral foam

  • Decorative ribbon (strong material – not paper)


  • If you choose to use fresh blooms to create your autumn flower ball, you should soak the floral foam in some water before you begin. It should not be too wet but it should absorb enough water to sustain the fresh flowers. You might also like to dissolve some flower food in the water for extra nutrient.

  • Next, you will need to wrap the ribbon around the foam ball in such a way that it forms a cross. Wrap around once before twisting the two ends and run them back to the opposite end to create four straps evenly spread apart along the ball. At the top, tie a knot to secure in place before you make a loop from which you can hang the ball.

  • Now it’s time to prepare your flowers. You will need to trim the stems to the appropriate length. They should not exceed a third of the diameter of the foam ball so that your stems do not push one another out of place. Remove all foliage while you’re at it.

  • When arranging your flowers in the ball, start by placing the first batch along either side of each portion of ribbon.

  • Once you have lined the ball, you can and additional rows to fill up the empty spaces.

  • Place the blooms close enough together so that they hide any green foam as well as the ribbon straps.

  • When you are done, you should not see any green or ribbon other than the ribbon loop at the top.

  • Remember, you can use more than one type of flower if you like. Just be sure to alternate between the different types so that you don’t end up with clusters.

  • You can also add accessories or fillers like berries or small flowers like sprigs of baby’s breath in between to create some colour and texture contrasts.

Now that your autumn flower ball is all ready, you simply need to hang it from a secure spot. Take into consideration the size of the ball as well as the weight. This arrangement looks lovely in areas like living rooms and kitchens where they can be truly enjoyed. If you use fresh flowers, make sure that you add some water to your flower ball as needed. You will need to take the arrangement down in order to carefully rehydrate the foam before hanging it back in place.